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The Chicago Conmen were formed in 2005 by Jason Eskew. This was during the time of 665, GSE, Chicago Wiseguys, Damage and others. The team eventually fell apart due to real life. Rick went on to play for Savages, a team a bunch of great players came through. The Conmen were my first Chicago paintball team love, my first real friends in the area.

Now they're back, and they're here to win.

Starting with mechanical events, 7 and 10 man, in 2022 with the objective of winning the 2022 Chicago ICPL Amateur 10 man division.

We'll also field teams for Chicago 7 man NXL and World Cup 10 man mechanical/mounds as rosters permit.

One thing you've gotta know about Conmen, we get the best around.

We don't need sponsors, but if we did...

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'Hey, why am I Mr. Pink?" - Mr. Pink

Roster's full but OG's know to ask....


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